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Interview (vid included) with 48 Hills

Review from Bay Area Reporter.

Interview with Sex Blogger Monika Thomas

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May 2021 - New Book!

Self-discovery. Sexuality. Trans. LGBTQ. Gender Fluidity. Drag. Kinky Sex. Love. Lust. Entertainment. Rock & Roll. Even Comics.

This book has it all, and it is all true.

It was all supposed to be for a costume. 

Maria Konner takes you on her journey from living a frustrated and bored straight- dude life in the ’burbs to becoming a fabulous trans entertainer in San Francisco. She also begins to discover herself sexually after a Halloween costume feels better than she ever imagined. What starts as a lark, quickly becomes a lifestyle.

Told in a frank and entertaining manner, Maria details her experiences at Diva’s, the legendary trans bar located two blocks from her new apartment. There, she enters into a world of alternative lifestyles, sexual experimentation, crossdressing, and hardcore kink as she tests the boundaries of her sexuality.

At the same time, she examines the changing concept of femininity within herself and launches her online video series Under the Golden Gate as a performer, host, and producer.

Girl Shock also takes you inside the underground of San Francisco for a true insider’s look at art, music, performance, and humanity. It is full of pictures and links to her favorite videos from the Under the Golden Gate library (

Join Maria Konner on this raunchy, wild ride to self-discovery and get Girl Shocked!

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