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Maria Qualifications for President

  • Lobbying

    • Cybersecurity Liability (focused on medical devices, electronic voting machines, and smart power grid / meters)

    • Green Energy & Electric Vehicles at the Federal and State (California Public Utilities Commission) level

    • Wireless telecommunications with the FCC in Washington DC

  • Cybersecurity Architect/Engineer and Risk Management professional,  Projects include, but are not limited to:

    • Critical Infrastructure (Power grid)

    • Medical Devices and Mobile Health Care Apps

    • Fintech (electronic payments), and Identity Tokens (e.g. FIDO) - I wrote code / apps for those little SIM cards.

    • Nuclear Weapon Smuggling and Border Security

    • Electronic Voting Machines

    • Fiber Optic Switches (Internet Backbone) & Data Center Level Encryption

    • Corporate Identity & Critical Security Operations (e.g. PKI, incidents)

    • Block Chain / Crypto

    • Industrial Espionage

    • Automotive

    • Cloud Devices & Cloud Services (IoT)

    • Shipping, Piracy, & Liability

    • Plenty More...

  • Engineer and Corporate Senior Management Experience in Engineering (Software and Hardware), Marketing (Product Marketing, Marketing Communications), Project Management, Sales, Standards and Compliance, Security Operations, Finance (including attending and supporting Board Meetings at a a major pharmaceutical company).  Also Fintech (payments, block chain / crypto), anti-piracy (shipping), insurance on global shipping, industrial espionage, port security / nuclear weapon security.

  • Entrepreneur - fund raising and starting / running startups.

  • Public speaker on complex technical topics

  • MBA valedictorian at Carnegie Mellon University (Focus on Finance and Marketing)

  • Local campaign support (San Francisco)

  • Management Consulting at senior management (CXO, VP) level for Fortune 500 companies

  • Entertainer - writing, producing (live & recorded shows), performing, marketing, post production

  • Activism for green energy (including work with Stanford University, Hoover Institute)

  • Lived & travelled overseas when I was a child (UK, East Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Malasia / Borneo)  - i.e. Nature and multi-culture appreciation and admiration

  • Lived/living as both a Man and a Woman (being trans appears to help me A LOT understanding people and many issues from multiple perspectives)

See my Linked-in Profile

I'm bringing more soft / feminine energy to this situation, but I got my old male knowledge and power tools when I need it to support her principles!

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