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Girl Shock! The Musical!

"Konner’s show is a merry, voyeuristic tell-all accompanied by some truly profound moments"

"The songs are catchy and the subject has a relevance that should resonate with viewers beyond Pride Month. Konner’s story pushes the listeners to empathize, to laugh, and to question the monoculture she once found herself so restrained by."

"Thank you Maria Konnor for your brilliance and honesty. Your show is a piece that clearly defines how personal a journey transitioning is...your audience took that journey with you"

Maria Konner's book "Girl Shock! I dressed as a girl for Halloween and then she took over my life, from straight to fabulous and naughty" is now coming alive with the musical!


Girl Shock! takes you on Maria’s journey from living a frustrated, unfulfilling and bored straight-dude life in the ‘burbs to becoming a fabulous trans entertainer.  Not only does she share her transformation and how much fun she's having, she goes into her struggles with an evil villain, the Monoculture Virus, and how she found out that being Maria made her immune to it's devastating machinations.


Maria tickles the grand piano keys, strums the guitar, sings jazz, rock, blues & ballads while telling you one of the most unique stories you’ll ever hear! Maria is joined by collaborator and fab showman Jackson Sturkey who plays "Dude" - Maria when she was a boy.  And they get into a few fights! Omar Kabir, monster trumpet, flute, sax player is also our music director.

We are workshopping this in the summer of 2023 and hope to have the first test run of the full show by the end of 2023.


Clips from the Sneak Preview series in March and June 2023 at Pangea in NYC:

A few other select songs from the musical:

"Living as a Girl"

Maria sings about her first time out as a girl by herself, and also how much fun she discovered life can be when you live as a girl. She lived 1 block from the famous San Francisco transsexual bar "Divas".  The walk was terrifying! And exciting!

"Dude's Lament"

Jackson, who plays "Dude", shares his deep longing for straight cis romance.

Recorded in my studio (where we had better quality)

"Talk to me Kiddo"

Jessie Bangarang, who plays The Monoculture Virus, starts to brainwash young Dude, telling him to forget about all that stupid spiritual and romantic notions you have.  Instead, you need to learn to get flashy clothes, disco dance, and mash up against girls you don't know.  Otherwise, nobody will ever love you.

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