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Maria Konner 2024 for President
The Musical and Campaign

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Let’s get Above the Clouds (noise) where you can see so clear

  • This is a great country, we're just going through growing pains.

  • Don't let the unknown enemies divide us

  • This is too important for both Americans and the rest of the World.

  • And our children's future, we are their guardians and teachers.

  • Very often music helps really get the point across.  We have songs for many of the topics - more below!

  • If you're going to tell the truth, you better make it funny and/or entertain people

Video Playlist


See Linked-In for my background.  See my qualifications.

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Maria Konner, NYC Trans Entertainer (piano/guitar/vocals), Cybersecurity Architect, and Ex-Lobbyist is running for President 2024. Maria along with Jackson Sturkey, her singing campaign manager and the Not from Jersey! Band including Omar Kabir (trumpet/sax, music director) are serving up a Campaign and Mini-Musical, which focuses on the important campaign points expressed with jazz, blues, cabaret, and metal, and a lot of humor. And with a jam dessert upon request!

​Maria and Jackson are also finishing up their new Girl Shock!” musical “CD” concept album based on Maria's book.  Believe it or not, some of the same soft topics for the election are in the book, but at a pretty deep level.  We decided to jump in here to do our part in this important election year (and also keep our sanity!).


The Debut of our Campaign Musical in NYC - East Village at Pangea
Maria and her Campaign Manager Jackson Sturkey try out their material

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MK4PrezDebut 1.png

Review from Jed Ryan from Lavender After Dark

​If every Presidential candidate started their campaign their same way that woman of rock Maria Konner kicked off hers ...., then Americans would get just as excited about Election Day as they would about Black Friday.

​When Konner speaks with such conviction about such issues as cyberwars or the death of unbiased media, she has the credentials to back it up


Patently and unapologetically political, Konner’s new show is 75 minutes of raw, unfiltered entertainment, featuring two singers whose voice and presence are both “large and in charge”. 


Konnor’s persona is indisputably that of the transgenerational (and eternal…) Woman of Rock and Roll, an envied archetype that’s just as much about attitude as it is about the ability to roar out those lyrics or punish those lucky piano keys.

Sturkey adds an unmistakable old-school “razzmatazz” to his performance.  Whether he’s adding a swivel of the hips, rhythmically snapping his fingers, or channeling some of his soulful influences of yesteryear, it’s an homage to the timeless spirit of “Let me entertain you!”-style showbiz.  And Sturkey can also really hit those challenging notes.

Ms. Konnor has created one of the most original (not to mention fun and bawdy) shows on the New York City stage in recent times

Playlist in the show order (including an overview vid at the beginning)


Each item has a campaign button which is or will be available from Maria

See below for more details on each and a larger version of the button.



Our problems with the impact of Tech Fueled Globalization on our Economic Health & Security, and now Social Media Polarization were SO predictable (Think Isaac Asimoz's "The Foundation"). I'm a Risk Management and Cybersecurity professional, and it's not that people didn't think about these potential issues years, ago, it's because those who brought it up were ignored. They had no proof (sigh). You can't stop a steam train and a financial herd without a solid wall of proof - if you try, you get stampeded and left for dead. And now that we have proof (after failures, public cry-out), our considerations are of course more relevant to the conversation. A similar thing happened with seat belts in cars in the 1960's. But of course, at this point, many are now scrambling to provide "Risk Management Theater" (focusing on LOOKING like you're doing something) as the usual pigs come feeding at the trough, and yet again, most of us sensible folks are ignored.


UNLESS you have an incredibly charismatic, smart, Tech experienced (engineering, plus business), and tough person, with Risk Management, Cybersecurity, and Lobbying experience, who is also great at putting on a fabulous show from the entertainment field (Isn't everything ultimately about getting people to listen to you).

That's why I'm running for President in 2024.


We need to FOCUS on the items in this platform.  These include identifying a few fundamental core problems, and core solutions that get at the ROOT of those problems - mostly "soft" / cultural issues. For example, extreme polarization and disinformation, clearly identifying goals that can be measured on a regular basis to provide adjustments as necessary, and how will we collaborate to achieve these objectives.  The must be done BEFORE focusing on implementing specific solutions. I think of this as faith in a more "feminine" approach.  True faith - that the basic principles that my mother taught me about "doing the right thing" and "having a positive intention to work and collaborative with all types of people" will yield very powerful results in life.  I know for many, it's difficult to focus on this, but if we don't, we're all going to be in big trouble.  And I'm in a somewhat unique position to understand the balance between the archetypical masculine and feminine and put it into practice (See my qualifications)

More details on each item:


Polarization, Fake/Misleading news, Information Warfare / PSYOPS, AI Powered - and we don't really know who our enemies are! Not to mention potential catastrophic attacks on our Infrastructure. (I worked on Cyber Defense for the Power's a long story).


We are ALREADY IN a Social Media fueld Cyber World War, RIGHT NOW! We need people in government who understand Tech and are not sucking off the Tech Money teat.


Furthermore, if we are divided, this empowers our enemies (which they LOVE), and significantly reduces our ability to respond to global events and negotiate alliances.  Which is particularly important in this new Multipolar world, (geometrically) increasingly being powered by low-cost, ultra high tech and agile hardware and software.


If we don't solve this problem NOW, nothing else will matter.

Blogs with details:

SONG: Black or White!​


  • The economic divide is a big part of what is causing the polarization in our government - people don't trust the government. We just differ on what to do about.  If we didn't have such a huge divide, then it wouldn't be as easy for social media to exacerbate the problem (while ironically also providing some tools for helping us to see and understand it).

  • Critical Technology supply chain (e.g. Silicon chips - increasingly need to be once again manufactured in the US and be able to sustain a premium over less expensive equivalents sourced outside the US - via a risk premium).  The CHIPS act is a start, but we need to go much further. We can also consider various second-source strategies.

  • Supply chain resilience by level of criticality in security & economics of other important goods (Same risk premium issue)

  • Impact on per capita GDP by demographic - in particular the part of our population which has been hit by globalization (e.g. factory workers, who should be focusing on Critical Technology Supply Chain and goods for which we need a high resilience)

  • Same with purchasing power (i.e. impact on inflation)

  • We should examine an education /  re-education program. We don't need to get into the details of here at this time, other than to follow an below-mentioned ISO process - and make sure you do a good job and continue to monitor it! Have a quality mindset in everything we do (not just manufacturing of products) - seriously, this is for our children!!!! That is American. That is what made this country!! Let's lead the way into how to better organize for the digital future.  Let's move into a high level of understanding - (See my blog article about AI and Neural Nets). Let's Grok this together, and work the problem!

  • Long term considerations like Global Stability, availability of Technology and how this changes over time

  • See this video from Johnny Harris which provides a good overview on our new Multipolar world.  NOTE: I do NOT agree with everything Johnny says, but he always has great material for thought.  (I'm saying this, because if somebody does not like Johnny, or disagrees with him, then please DON'T assume that I'm linked to him somehow and agree with everything he says.  Thanks).

  • SONG: America

  • More to be worked out. Which brings me to the next Topic.


  • To enhance the use of LOGICAL arguments (e.g. with decision trees, voting/commenting/surveys on those) - SO WE DON'T YELL OVER EACH OTHER AND DEMONIZE THE OTHER SIDE TO TRY TO GET HEARD. We need a whole new class of social media apps that are more LOGICAL.

  • The current apps are more about free speech and ensuring a market where people can be heard in an unstructured way (and applying the appropriate anti-hate laws - a discussion for another time, but to be done Logically). Leave these existing apps in place - probably with some more regulation, but that's another conversation.

  • These NEW LOGICAL apps would be used by those who want to have a logical engagement with their followers - i.e. Hosts can respectfully ask that people engage in complex conversations using this kind of tool (often moderated by them), otherwise we will tell people we will likely refuse to have this conversation in an unstructured way in order to avoid chaos and the manipulation that comes along with it.

  • This is what I will use. If we don't do this, as part of countering THE CYBER WAR, nothing else will matter. This is so important, I have a name for it - PROJECT VULCAN.


  • Our education largely sucks and is outdated (STEM is pretty good, but there is too much emphasis on it - e.g. Engineers I hire have serious tunnel vision and it's EXTREMELY difficult to get them to see outside their box because they don't respect most other issues and have little experience with it)

  • And the university system & loans is a GRIFT - and most everybody knows it. It is nothing less than a travesty of Biblical proportions: how we are educating our children often with little practical knowledge, and in a way that INFECTS THEM with so many culture viruses, and saddles them with debt to boot! It's not just biological viruses we need to be worried about with our children.

  • We need a totally new approach about what to do about it.

  • Will include improving civics and how one can be an active citizen (e.g. importance of NGO's how to work with them, how to work with a politician / how to organize, how to manage disinformation & manipulation/scams and find the right balance by consuming information via a variety of types of sources)

  • Alternative education approaches to augment the broken school system.

  • Furthermore, these education viruses are carrying "memes" (the old use of the term - an idea that replicates like genes) that are designed to make us behave in ways that suit the 1%. You want to do something about the 1%, start by get yourself and your children inoculated against these viruses

  • Start off with accepting that soft/"feminine" skills are as important, if not MORE than STEM and clear bravado (another meme virus). If we don't have more feminine energy in power (and balanced with masculine energy via mutual respect), we're all screwed big time.


Furthermore still, the education system was designed for these infections

  • Think old school factory worker who lived by the whistle and was trained like a dog since he was a kid to follow the school bell and to memorize, no thinking or questioning, or wondering

  • And it's full of boring homework and only the occasional music teacher, many of whom can't even teach the #1 most important lesson in music - ENJOY AND FEED YOUR SOUL. (I guess that's not in the curriculum if you're trying to build robots!)

  • Time to rework that - BIG TIME. Think about how huge of a task that is, and what role government could play in that without having the pigs suck off the government teat with any new programs.

  • Oh, wait, we're going to follow ISO PRINCIPLES (See next topic), plus we will be AUDITED to ensure that we are getting results. And we will elect leaders who have good character, especially a lot of feminine in their psyche.


SONG: Right Now!


  • We need to tighten up processes on Design Assurance and Auditing for government programs (ISO 27001 is an example program that might apply.  There are many other other similar ISO or government processes that might apply).

  • Work the problem! If we don't do this, we will continue to go around in circles regarding programs and plans. If we don't do this NOW, nothing else will matter when it comes to implementing a plan.  This includes issues such as: (MUST BE DONE IN ORDER)

    1. Defining your objectives independently of how they are implemented

    2. Defining metrics and continuous audit procedures for your objectives

    3. Using a "Discovery" Process (a legal term) to collect facts, verify/cross check them.

    4. Designing a solution

    5. Ensuring the appropriate people are involved in the above steps, there is a review period and agreements are reached.  This may include a small/moderate group, or may be open to the public (with the appropriate controls in place to ensure bots, hackers, chaos, doesn't result). 

    6. Implementation

    7. Auditing (metrics, other audit processes)

    8. Corrections based on auditing.  (Note: Nothing is perfect, corrections are ALWAYS needed.  But a mechanism needs to be in place to ensure this is NOT politicized.  There is always work in progress, especially with those who are masters of their craft - this applies to everything, ranging from Musician to Cybersecurity Architect).


Most importantly have POSITIVE INTENTION about collaborating to work the problem.  It's not easy, but we need to do it.

  • Consider the use of a "Sortition"- An anti-corruption tool used by the Greeks to establish a panel of random people selected who create recommendations for the politicians.  The politicians/managers do NOT have to follow the recommendations, but they MUST respond to them and explain if they don't agree.  They can be voted out of office/position if they are being unreasonable.​


SONG: Who Are You Gonna Believe?

I will NOT comment on or discuss ANY other issues in the platform. But I will follow an ISO PROCESS on these, plus all of the above.

For several reasons:

  1. We need to FOCUS on the above topics.  All too often, certain people bring up other topics to create distractions from the primary topic.  LET'S PLEASE FOCUS ON THE ABOVE TOPICS, IF WE DON'T, NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER.

  2. There are tons of topics we could talk about, and they are most all really complicated - something that is difficult to discuss in a public forum, without again, like in #1 above, somebody bringing up a point to defocus the conversation from logical to emotional and create chaos and use that for their political or personal purposes.  Respectfully, I cannot allow that to happen.

  3. Another common source of chaos is people not agreeing on facts.  Usually, neither party really knows if their facts are true, false, or misleading.  I seriously doubt that ANYBODY has all the answers - and if you think you do, there is no better way to prove that you don't. We need to please adapt a process similar to what's used in ISO and the Legal Profession (as mentioned above).  Discovery first: identify and/or resolve differences in opinion best you can, then on that basis, make a decision,.  This takes time, and cannot be done with sound bytes or in a (typically) heavily edited short clip

I will however, still discuss these other issues in private, and in some cases in an agreed upon long form discussion that is NOT edited for content, provided that people agree they won't take snippets out of context for their own political and personal purposes and post them. (This is on a "Good Will" basis, not a legal basis.  If you do this, I will never speak with you again, and I will post exactly what you did and I will NOT be nice).


Sorry, I have to put this note in here here, but I hope you understand, that there are all types out there, and we ALL need to be careful


Do not let people use the power of The Dark Side on us.

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