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Journey from Male Lobbyist to Transwoman link

PBS Interview on the closing of the Trans Club Divas link

Article on the closing of the Trans Club Divas link

April 12, 2020: What's going on

I hope you're all doing OK with the Quarantine.  I've been recording music at home on the grand piano with some great mics:  See my Quarantine Sessions playlist:

Be well XO!

Finishing up the final draft on my book about Sex and Being Trans, excited!  Will be finished in the Spring!  Please get on the mailing list to stay tuned!

I play and sing a few songs on guitar Every 2nd Thursday – PUF cannabis drag show at the Stud on Harrison & 9th  7:15 – 9PM

I'm going to start giving piano lessons in playing modern music, while singing, and improv.  I'm sick of kids quitting piano because classical music is being shoved down their throats.  I want to throw in my hat and shake things up a little.

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