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June 2024

  • I'm Running for President 2024!  My platform is covered in 8 original songs, a mini musical!  We recently had our debut on May 18th, more to follow...

  • GIRL SHOCK!..the musical: We have completed 2 really fun Sneak Previews and are writing and workshopping the full script this summer and recording a "CD", and will be playing select numbers periodically over the coming months.  2 reviews from the show!

  • Interview (June 2023) on Stage Whisper Podcast talking about bringing Girl Shock to the NYC Theater scene.

  • Under the Golden Gate - Maria's YouTube channel from San Francisco (Music, Interviews, Celebrities, Kink, and more!

  • Our new Above the Q NYC based Web Channel started up Jan 2023, just a few live music vids rolling out, more to follow.  So excited!

  • Girl Shock Audio Book is now available!

  • I'm out playing adhoc somewhere almost every week, but stay tuned for the gigs or hit my mailing list.


I'm excited to share this fun and crazy story. It's  about going from straight to living a trans life in San Francisco, complete with vids and pics of places and characters in the underground scene.

Audio interview with Mistresses Ms Oliva and Ms Erika on the Weekly Hot Spot 

Interview (on GayTalk 2.0.  We get into S..(Starts 29:30)

Interview (vid included) Douglas Coleman show

Interview (vid included) with 48 Hills

Review and interview with Digital Journal

Review from Bay Area Reporter.

Interview with Adam Sank (LBGT Comedian and Talk Show Host) - Starts at 35:25

Interview with Sex Blogger Monika Thomas

Short vid - Maria describing book

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Journey from Male Lobbyist to Transwoman link

PBS Interview on the closing of the Trans Club Divas link

Article on the closing of the Trans Club Divas link

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